Jack Jacker Plugin Download | WordPress Plugin

By | November 1, 2022

Jack Jacker Plugin Download | WordPress Plugin

Jack Jacker Plugin Download is a WordPress Plugin that is easy for people interested in niche, affiliate, and CPA marketing to get both traffic and clicks.

Hi guys, today I’m going to do a quick review for you of the Jack Jacker Gold WordPress plugin.

Jack Jacker Plugin is an extremely powerful and useful marketing tool that will help you with your affiliate marketing offers. You can create call to action bars, switch the destination of links on pages, and add your own custom html code. Easily create the content and authority every website needs to succeed.

Instant Content and Authority In Any Niche

Jack Jacker Plugin Download has a Jack Page Links option that lets you chose to redirect any link on any page to any URL you chose. You can send your traffic to your affiliate link. That is an extremely powerful marketing option.

Jack Jacker Plugin comes with the ability to add custom html to your Jack too. Using the custom html section you can add re-targeting code. Example a Facebook pixel or Google ad words pixel. You can also add your own pop-up, or on exit pop up code.

Download Jack Jacker WordPress Plugin

The main function of Jack Jacker Plugin is to put a clickable call to action bar on top of any other website’s content.  You can also redirect all the links on the page to your affiliate link.

Being able to control where you traffic goes is very important as vendors can steal your traffic without paying you. If your traffic is sent to the affiliate page offer and the visitor decides not to purchase the product. Then the vendor can display an on exit pop up and capture your visitor’s details if they offer some benefit to get on the vendor’s email list. You sent the traffic and got no benefit. The vendor is taking your traffic without paying you. Again powerful marketing options.

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