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By | November 3, 2022

Battle Los Angeles game Crack is a game that puts you in the middle of the action, allowing you to fight for humanity’s survival against overwhelming odds. With an immersive and intense campaign mode, as well as multiplayer modes that will test your skills against other players from around the world, Battle Los Angeles is a game that will keep you coming back for more.

So if you’re looking for an exhilarating and heart-pounding gaming experience, look no further than Battle Los Angeles.


Los Angeles is under attack by aliens, and it’s up to you to save the city! In Battle Los Angeles, you’ll take control of a squad of Marines as they fight their way through the streets of LA, trying to find out what the aliens want and how to stop them. The game is a third-person shooter, and you’ll use a variety of weapons and vehicles as you battle your way through the city.

What is Battle Los Angeles?

Battle Los Angeles is a military science fiction video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Square Enix. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 11, 2011. The game is based on the film of the same name.

The player controls the U.S. Marine Corps in a battle against an alien invasion in the city of Los Angeles. The game features an open world environment, and the player can use a variety of weapons and vehicles to battle the aliens.

The game received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its action and graphics, but criticism for its repetitive gameplay and lack of innovation.

The Gameplay

The core game features iconic Marines versus nameless enemies in a close quarters battle for survival across a suburban Los Angeles infested with aliens.

The player takes control of Cpl. Lee Imlay, a Marine who is sent into the city to evacuate civilians before the Marines are called in to nuke the city and destroy the alien threat. The game features a number of close quarters battle scenarios against overwhelming odds, as well as vehicle segments where the player must drive an APC through the city and shoot down enemy ships.

The Graphics

Players will be in for a visual treat with “Battle: Los Angeles.” The graphics are some of the best that we have seen in a war game, and the detail is incredible. There are explosions and debris everywhere, and the game does an excellent job of conveying the chaos of war. The sound design is also top-notch, with realistic gunfire and explosions.

The Sound

The sound in Battle: Los Angeles is some of the best I’ve heard in a video game. Every shot fired, every explosion, every bit of dialogue is crystal clear and perfectly executed. The game features an excellent soundtrack that really gets you pumped up for battle, and the sound effects are top-notch. There are few things more satisfying than unloading a clip into an alien and hearing its screams of pain as it dies.

The Controls

The controls for Battle: Los Angeles are fairly standard for a shooter. On the Xbox 360, you use the left joystick to move your character and the right joystick to aim. The triggers are used for shooting and throwing grenades, respectively. The buttons on the controller are used for a variety of purposes, such as melee attacks, reloading, and changing weapons.

The Replayability

A big part of what makes a game replayable is its ability to give the player a sense of power or accomplishment. Whether it’s the feeling of taking down a boss, solving a difficult puzzle, or simply completing the game, players need to feel like they’ve achieved something in order to want to play again. Battle Los Angeles includes several features that encourage replayability.

First, the game includes a New Game+ mode, which allows players to restart the game with all of their acquired weapons and upgrades intact. This mode also features increased enemy difficulty, so players can test their skills against tougher opponents. Secondly, the game features numerous side missions and challenges that are not essential to completing the main story but can be tackled at the player’s leisure. These optional objectives provide extra rewards and help to flesh out the game world. Finally, Battle Los Angeles includes a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players. Here, players can cooperate to complete objectives and survive waves of enemies. The multiplayer mode also features its own set of unique challenges and rewards.

Taken together, these features give Battle Los Angeles good replay value and ensure that players will have plenty to do even after they’ve completed the main story.

The Pros

Here are some of the pros for the video game Battle Los Angeles:

-The graphics are fantastic- realistic and immersive.
-The sound design is incredible, with an ethereal soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly.
-The gameplay is intense and thrilling, with a great mix of shooting and strategy.
-The story is intriguing and unexpected, with plenty of twists and turns.

The Cons

Many people were disappointed with the game, citing its short length, uninspired gameplay, and technical problems. The game’s short length was a common complaint; reviewers felt that the main campaign could be finished in about six hours.


We have hope that battle los angeles game will turn out to be a good game. The game has potential to be great. However, we can not guarantee that the game will meet our expectations.

Minimum System Requirements 

Before starting Download Free, make sure your PC meets the minimum SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS below.

Operating System: Windows 11,  Windows 10,  Windows  8.1, Windows  7

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

Required Memory (RAM): 4 GB (8 GB RAM recommended)

Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space required

Display: 1024 x 768 display (1920 X 1080 recommended), HiDPI display support

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